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A Nurse's Way

Scent-Free Handcrafted Laundry Soap

Scent-Free Handcrafted Laundry Soap

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Made from 5 smart, simple, and safe ingredients for everyone in your family to enjoy. This affordable scent-free detergent suits anyone in your home, including babies with sensitive skin, pets, and men who dislike clothes that smell "girly."

The not-so-secret ingredient? A Nurse's Way goat's milk soap!!!

Want a little scent booster for your going-out clothes or bed sheets? Try our scent boosters and/or wool dryer balls.

YIELDS: 75 Loads - 1 Tablespoon per average size load

-For heavily soiled loads or larger loads, add one extra tablespoon as needed

-Safe for HE Machines

-Scent is skin safe; however, if irritation occurs, discontinue use


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I met Ashlyn at a local festival a year or so ago where I bought a couple of her products and I really love them! When I opened this box, I immediately smelled the amazing scents of the soaps. Her soaps always smell awesome, and my skin always feel so soft. I just started using the lotion, which also smells heavenly and is really moisturizing. I highly recommend giving her products a try! I'm glad I did and I'll continue to support her awesome business. - Amber

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